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Enrichment Classes

All classes meet one time weekly per student, unless special arrangements are made. Tuition varies according to class size. Many Course listings may also be taken as a "tutorial". Registration fees apply.

Early Childhood Music Program Ages 3 - 6: (Assessment Required)

This 50 minute class focuses on beginning development of listening skills, rhythm, elementary theory, and the introduction to the Suzuki method via either piano
or violin.

Music Theory I:

Basic course that covers the rudiments of music; basic symbols, terms, and pitch recognition drills

Music Theory II: Intermediate, (prerequisites required)

Integrated approach to music theory which includes drills aurally, and visually, basic terms

Music Theory III: Advanced/Composition, (prerequisites required)

This class deals with homophonic texture in four voices. Primary and secondary triads in all positions and all basics for composition writing

Ear Training & Sight Singing:

Learning to hear and sing music through sight singing drills.

Sight Reading:

Learning to play music for the first time through reading and playing drills

Instrumental Adult Ensemble:

Provides opportunities for adults to study and play all levels of ensemble music.

Instrumental Ensemble: Ages through High School

Provides opportunities to study and play all levels of ensemble music.

Chamber Music: By Audition

Study and performances of small orchestral works from Baroque to Contemporary.

Orchestra: By Audition

Study and performance of standard orchestral material.

Voice Ensembles/ Chorus: By Audition

Reading, rehearsal, and performance of major choral works for all age groups.

Instrument Classes:

Opportunity to learn instrumental techniques & repertoire in a group setting.

Voice Classes:

Opportunity to learn vocal techniques & repertoire in a group setting

Dance & Movement:

Learning to recognize rhythm and enhance coordination through dance and body movement.

Journey Through Music History: For younger children

This is a course to teach young children the history of music through the use of pictures and audio tapes.

Music History & Appreciation: For older children, and/or adults

The study of music from the Greeks to Bach to present day. This includes the major composers and major styles in each area.

Ethnic Music Jewish, African-American, Asian, Indian, etc.

A brief study of the ethnic music from cultures all over the world. This includes the current styles and composers of each area.

Parent Training:

This course is designed to teach parents how to teach, practice with, and nurture their children through an understanding of the Suzuki philosophy and method. The parents will learn the instrument as well as how to reinforce the skills taught by the teacher.

Sight Reading Drills:

This class is designed to help students in the area of sight reading. We offer this in band, string and orchestra parts so that students in all ensembles can participate.

Instrumental Reinforcement:

This class is designed for students who want extra lessons on the current material that they are working in school, or they want supplemental material to work on to improve their playing skills, and prepare for auditions.

Additional enrichment opportunity classes are added throughout the year to meet the needs and interests of our students. Call (410) 964-1983 or check our website for any new class listings.

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